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anthropology | ˌanθrəˈpɒlədʒi | 
noun [mass noun] 
The study of human societies and cultures and their development. 
Also called cultural anthropology, social anthropology.



Hi, my name is Rebecca and I welcome you to The City Anthropologist - a space for me to share my thoughts and research to open discussions and inspire new perspectives. 

The pivotal theme that runs throughout this site is Social Anthropology. I am fascinated in people and understanding the hows and whys of human activity through a lens of culture. This section contains a collection of essays discussing prominent social and global issues. The section ends with an investigative piece that explores a skateboarding community in Edinburgh who come head-on with an institution that does not accept them.

Finally, the blog is my more personal writing and is also way of looking at the world through people. We live our lives both with and through a variety of different people and this is how I believe our perspectives are shaped.

At the end of each piece and blog post there is also a space where you can comment! Every opinion and perspective is valued, so I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on anything I've written.


The projects below bring to life a range of ideas including how perspectives may change over time as well as design and advertising pitches. These projects hope to act as  windows of thought; a chance to look into something even when it is protected by surrounding walls. 


For any questions, queries or to just say hi! Email me at,

You can also directly message me on Instagram @thecityanthropologist. Click on my feed below to go straight there :)

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