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5 minute journaling

I actually heard about this through Emma Watson. Not that I know her personally at all, but there I was watching Vogue on Youtube and I came across her talking about it. She describes it like this:

“You get to write three things you’re grateful for, you get to write a daily affirmation, and at the end of the day, you get to write three amazing things that happened and you get to know about how you could’ve made it better”. 

So I decided to start doing it on the very first day of 2020. I’m almost 7 months in the journal now and I’m really loving it. That's why I wanted to share that with all of you reading this right now because it has changed the way I go about and look at my days. 

I’ve actually been keeping a journal since I was about 8 years old, but I noticed a trend in my writing whenever I read things that I’d written back. I’d only ever write about sad things. I’d only ever write if I was feeling down and needed to get something out. I guess that makes sense, right, a place to vent your feelings. Because if you had a really great day, you would probably go on having that great day instead of coming back to your desk to write about it. Sometimes I would though, but not always.

5 minute journaling means that you have to write every day for 5 minutes. Happy day, sad day, weird day, shocking day, whatever - you have to write. It’s not long at all and yet I feel a strange sense of control. I can read back and remember my life so much better and with so much more balance. 

I don’t write completely the same way as Emma does with the affirmations and how to improve all the time, but I do try to find a little bit of gratefulness in each day. And having just 5 minutes out of my day to do this is so easy to do and has helped me so much. In the way that I reflect on things more and realise that there have been some really great days in my life. There have also been some shit days, but I feel in control because I’m so much more aware that not everyday is like that. 

Being able to have a short part of my day dedicated to reflection and gratitude is so important for me, I didn’t realise how much. It’s not for everyone and I get that, but if you’ve been feeling a bit at a loss recently especially during these times, go out and treat yourself to a new journal! 

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