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I’m 5 days in and the room starts to expand and grow. i’m smaller than the cat. I just wanted a glass of water but i can barely drag myself to get it now. I run across the living room and notice the long legs on the dining room chairs. I could probably climb that I think to myself so begin to try. I grip onto the wooden leg and heave by body upwards. I slip down, which is unfortunate because I was doing so well. I decide for my next attempt to take a run up and leap onto the leg and then use momentum to straddle my mountain. I’d come so much farther up with this strategy, all I had to do was curve my leg round and mount the flat part of the chair. Once I’d surfaced, I used my shoes as climbing pegs that dug into the fabric of the back of the chair that brought me onto the table. a single glass of water sat there, full. I was just big enough to climb in, but when I plopped into the water, I realised that was too deep for me to stand. I was treading the water in this cup, still trying to drink it, but becoming more out of breath with every struggling minute. I leaned against the walls of the glass and it toppled, forcing into a current and then off the table.

Well what does this have to do with anything? It is a description of what happens when no perspective has been found. It may seem like a silly way of explaining things but essentially,

Finding perspective is all about going beyond the small person vision and removing yourself from being that character.

This tiny person in the story can only see problems directly ahead. They face every struggle as a problem not as a point of growth. If this person had taken a step back for even just a moment they would have noticed the straw on the table. That straw that would have helped them drink the water. If they had taken an even bigger step back, they would have noticed the ladder leading all the way up to the table. Even further removed, they would have noticed there was another glass of water already on the ground. This way of framing a point of view, has helped me visually imagine the act of finding a new perspective. 

By allowing yourself to remove your vision from head-on struggle, you are able to see different perspectives and gain access to opportunity you may not have noticed otherwise. Trying to see a new side and a way of looking at a problem or a person through a lens of understanding and open-mindedness. To not only see the problem as a large mountain, but as an adventure too. As a way of learning and experiencing. 

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