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The Crazy Cat Lady

The 'end of of a chapter' or the 'start of a new age' are generic titles for new adventures, so why don't we start with something else. Why don't we start with the ever present fear that comes with starting this new adventure: the crazy cat lady fear. This fear stems from the worry that when we embark upon something we have never done before, we may end up unsuccessful, single and spending our nights 'sad-eating'. Hence, we become the crazy cat lady. The lady living alone with her 20 cats.. yikes.

I have just graduated high school and am going on about ladies with cats when I think people really want you to talk about what it feels like to have finished school and what happens next. But the truth is, I don't know what happens next, I mean I really don't. I know I'm going to take a gap year, I know I'm going to go to University in Scotland but what I don't know is what happens within that. I don't know the jokes people will make, or the nights where the sun rises and we're still out, who I will go for Sunday coffees with, or who I will share awkward moments with. I don't know any of the stuff that really comes next. And this too is an awkward moment because it is a moment where we have finished 14 years of school and routine and structure and are being thrown into complete independence. A void of the unknown, which some call, 'adulthood'. The 'real world' because childhood wasn't real? But as scary as it seems to not know something, I'm really glad that I don't.

There are no expectations, no standards to meet because I have no idea what they are. How exciting is that? I am thirsty to begin a new life with so many new opportunities. It is exciting but ever so scary, and the fear that we all may end up in a crazy house full of cats will not go away until we find our direction and do something we love. So here is me trying to pick apart the rushed blur of this time and mould it into something that kind of makes sense. Let adventure begin.

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