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Australia Cake Adventures

We used to come here when we were little. Margaret River was our spot in Australia where we would come to horse ride, play mini golf and eat too much ice cream. Coming back here after all those years was one of those moments where we as sisters felt some revitalised memories chasing us down. So together we decided to bake a cake.

This looks terrible, actually it’s almost horrific I would say. But it was yummy yummy yummy. I have the hugest sweet tooth so actually I guess it didn’t really matter that it was super ugly maybe? When we succeeded in taste we failed in aesthetic, but regardless we managed to make an entire cake.

At this point in life cooking scared me ultimately to death, baking was just about the limit of what I could do in the kitchen. But in the same way as theatre is a performance, cooking is a performance too and requires training all the same. Experiment and explore, food is a journey of passion and the thing is since we eat everyday it’s one of those things that’s actually never too late to start getting good at. There is no timeline when it stops being important. And with that, enjoy this glorious picture of our cake.

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